Goodbye Manchester Hello Kyiv/ Kiev

I’m starting a secondment with the British Council working as one of 5 “Canny Creatives” across the far flung corners of the Western Balkans and the former Soviet Union – from Kazakhstan to Serbia, Azerbaijan to Ukraine – to develop opportunities for UK artists and companies by developing cross cultural partnerships and sharing innovative creative practice.

I plan to share what I observe – both professionally, and when I’m being a tourist-visitor – via this blog; and I’ll aim to keep it short, opinionated, and with plenty of visual aids.


And not too many rules…  There is no Security Department in this blog. 

Last week, apparently, it snowed here in Kyiv. I packed more clothes as a result of the text from Natasha saying it was cold. I paid extra for a second case (to be expected), and then I had to pay extra again for a case that was over the weight limit due to the amount of knitwear and thermals I threw in at the last minute. And now I’ve got here, it’s a balmy 14 degrees. 



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