Presidential Palace tour

Presidential Palace tour (reposted with new link)

For a photo tour of the Presidential Palace that everyone’s talking about as evidence of “bloated corruption” check out this link… by Ilya Varlamov.

The next few days will be crucial if Ukraine is to turn the current mood of cautious jubilation into the foundations for a more just society…and that doesn’t come quickly – it’s hard to see how endemic corruption, in the context of a seriously underperforming economy, can be shaken off overnight. Which is what undermined the Orange Revolution back in 2004, and Tymoshenko’s return is not welcomed by everyone at the Maidan.


One thought on “Presidential Palace tour

  1. Its great to read that the situation in Ukraine has improved a lot. I hope the country will develop much more in the next month, so the people there can have peace & freedom.

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