About my blog

As a “Canny Creative” working as a creative consultant with the British Council in Ukraine, I plan to use this blog for both personal observations and for professional comment on cultural issues. So a mix of things I’ve done, people I’ve met, and stuff I’ve noticed. My comments represent my own views, and my own ignorance will no doubt be much in evidence. Bear with me, or add a comment of your own to correct my glaring mistakes, but please don’t troll me or get abusive.

Let's get this conversation going

Let’s get this conversation going



7 thoughts on “About my blog

  1. Hi Liz! What an amazing time to be over in the Ukraine, and especially how exciting to be in Kiev today!!! Great reading your blog…big kiss…Jane Winterbottom xxx

  2. Hi Lizzie, We are enjoying your blog so much. Very well done! Looking forward to the latest developments after today’s news! Love, Wicked Uncle Simon & Janet in California.

  3. Splendid account liz I thoroughly enjoyed it… best street theatre travelogue I`ve read since Simons ( red earth) trip to Mongolia. It makes me nostalgic for our bizarre adventures with the BC in Tristiana…keep munching the apples. paul

  4. Hi Liz. What a fantastic opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog via the latest WTP newsletter. Someone told me recently that you were in Barcelona. I assume the Ukraine couldn’t be more different! I have been fortunate over the last few years to visit and work in a few former USSR countries that I would never have thought to visit before if EEA hadn’t been part of a network of cultural and creative exchange between theatres for young people (courtesy of European funding). Its a great uncharted territory for UK companies and outdoor arts practitioners. Hope you have a brilliant adventure.
    Deb Mullins PS Billy Mullins is going east soon to work on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

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